Experts in photography and videography: We are a photography and videography agency that facilitates photographic and video shoots. We provide photographers, videographers, models, stylists, digital editors and more so that your shoot results in perfection every time. With more than 20 years experience in digital imagery and video production, you can rely on great results

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Experts in photography and videography: After almost two decades of working with high-end clients in the Middle East, being based in Dubai, we decided it was time to bring our wealth of experience back home to the East of England and establish our business, England Studios, in our home county of Suffolk. While we continue to work internationally, we are now delighted to be expanding into the UK market, offering a combination of commercial photography and videography. Feel free to browse our galleries for inspiration.

We have been involved with digital photography and videography for the past two decades. We have experienced the incredible growth of the industry in terms of video production over the past decade in particular. These days, videography is in as much demand as photography, and our clients recognise that both mediums are as essential when it comes to recording memories, events or creating marketing materials for brochures, online distribution, advertising campaigns and social media coverage.

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