Press Photography and Videography services

We provide press photography and videography services for all occasions. Whether you require a PR campaign shot, a press conference covered or a red carpet event to be photographed, we have experience in all eventualitiesomes to live performances and on-stage work

Press photography and videography services

Press photography and videography services for all occasions

Press photography and videography services: We have a wide scope of experience when it comes to our photography and videography services.

Press filming is a great field to work in. It’s varied, hectic, challenging and always different.

We work with a variety of local and international PR agencies, directly with clients, and supply services to Getty Images, all on projects where the images will ultimately end up either online, broadcast or print, and usually immediately after they’re shot.

Each job demands exceptional, punchy work that will stand out in the media and online news feeds.

Although it’s nice to know in advance what the client is looking for, it sometimes isn’t possible, and we have to work it out on the job. And that’s where experience comes into it.

You have to have the shot in mind, and then figure out where to be to make it happen.

Do get in touch to see how we can help with your next shoot.

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