Commercial Hospitality Food Photography services

Capture stunning images of the cuisine your venue serves by using our food photography and styling services. We combine great lighting with professional styling and editing to produce the best food photography results every time

Commercial Food photography and styling for your business

Commercial food photography services

Commercial and Corporate Food Photography services: Professional food photography is one of the less well understood photographic mediums – and yet without it, so many businesses would fail to market their products successfully.

Lighting and timing is incredibly important – but food styling is a science in itself and photographers frequently work alongside a food stylist to capture the perfect shot. For example, if you are aiming to capture the perfect scoop of ice cream, time is not on your side. Within minutes of testing lighting and backdrops, the subject itself will no longer be fit to shoot.

Therefore, alternative methods are required to recreate dishes and effects from other materials. The food stylist will also work with the chef to ensure the recreated dish is a good representation of the actual food it must represent. Then it’s down to the photographer to capture the perfect image.

We can arrange stylists, models, make-up artists and we can suggest locations for shoots too. Whether it’s for videography or photography, we can cover all eventualities.

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